Egbert van Meggelen

Egbert van Meggelen

Director of Femeg

Egbert, born in Voorburg but raised in Aalten, is the son of a pharmacist and a graduate from the Hotel Management School in Leeuwarden. His work experience led him to places like Germany, the United Arab Emirates and Indonesia.

Meanwhile, a former colleague had started setting up his own business in Jakarta in the Javanese bat guano trade. The demand for this product was particularly high in Japan and the United States.

They were still looking for someone for the European market. After a successful market research study, Egbert decided to make the leap from the hotel world to the guano trade. According to Egbert, this is not as big a switch as you might think: "As a hotel manager, you also strive to produce high-quality food."

His company name Femeg is an abbreviation of Flower Ecology van Meggelen; Guanokalong® is not only highly suitable for fruits and vegetables but also for flowers!

Over the years, Femeg has added other organic fertilisers to the product line, such as palm tree ash from Sumatra and seaweed powder from Norway.

Every day, numerous orders are transported to garden centres, potting soil producers, organic growers and distributors across Europe from Egbert’s farm in Aalten in the Netherlands.