Jiffy organic compostable Jiffy Pots square 8×8 content 738 cc

Stress-free transplanting

Jiffy pots for pre-growth which can be placed in the new medium without repotting. The roots of the plant will grow through the pot, which will also provide the plant with nutrition.

The Jiffy pot first appeared in the horticultural world in the 1950s, making it the first environmentally friendly certified compostable pot. The Jiffypot is available in many different designs and sizes, making it an environmentally friendly solution for almost any job.

Today Jiffypots are suitable for use in almost all automated systems that can be found in the modern nursery. Although the Jiffypot has been in existence for over 60 years, it still offers a relevant solution for today’s horticultural market that is looking for an environmentally friendly solution.

Environmentally friendly alternative to the plastic pot. Suitable for mechanization. Better root system, healthier crop. 100% compostable.

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